Angela Gerlach is a visual artist living in Hamburg who works in the fields of painting, photography and permaculture. She grew up in Nuremberg and decided to settle in Hamburg in 1995 to study art and visual communication. Together with friends she founded Hinterconti in 1999, an exhibition space in which she co-hosted and curated weekly changing exhibitions. In addition to her own exhibitions, she was increasingly involved in the Hamburg music scene and could also be found DJing in various clubs. In 2019, she completed training as a permaculture designer because she was interested in ecosystems and their cycles and wanted to understand their principles and logic, not only in an agricultural context, but also in social areas of life. She is a member of artist house Achterhaus.



1989 – 1991 Fachoberschule für Gestaltung in Nürnberg
1995 – 2001 Studium Kommunikationsdesign und Illustration
an der HAW in Hamburg
Abschluss: Diplom

Diplom-Designerin (FH),
Fotografie, Malerei, Illustration

1999 bis 2009 (Gründungs-)Mitglied Hinterconti,
Organisation und Betreuung von Ausstellungen

2017 bis 2019 Ausbildung zur Permakultur-Gestalterin

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